Fortran Timeline

VersionRelease date
Fortran II1958
Fortran IV1961
Fortran 661966
Fortran 771978
Fortran 901992
Fortran 951996
Fortran 20032004
Fortran 20082010
Fortran 2018*2018

* Fortran 2018 was originally slated to be called Fortran 2015 and this name is still present in older literature.

Note that Fortran III did exist, but was kept internal to IBM and never publicly released.

Other variants

High performance Fortran or HPF was a widely-used extension to Fortran 90 to allow the simple development of programs which could take advantage of a parallel processing architecture. Many of the extensions were subsequently incorporated into the Fortran 95 standard.

The language F is a subset of Fortran which removes all redundancy and obsolescent features.